Monday, January 23, 2017

How Tuffwing's UAV Mapper Can Work for You- So You Can Get Your Work Done.

It is imperative that your company gathers useful data, creates accurate maps, and records precise measurements so a job can be completed. And everyone knows that in today’s economy companies have to make smart financial choices to maximize profits while reducing costs. Read the following post as it outlines why a Tuffwing UAV Mapper is just what your company needs in order for you to do your work- without breaking the bank.

By Stephanie Pelczar

Prices start at $2,500.00 for a “ready to fly” Tuffwing UAV Mapper. A UAV Mapper “kit” is also available for $350.00 if you should need a replacement part. It shouldn’t cost your company a fortune to purchase and utilize a UAV and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to replace a part if something happens to said UAV.

All in One.
With Tuffwing’s UAV Mapper, it is possible to create an array of maps to include 3D/topographical, thermal, and multispectral. You can collect a variety of data, locate hotspots or damage on utility lines, detect leaks in pipelines, measure stockpile volumes in quarries, determine the health of your crops, and much more. The UAV Mapper can carry the camera (sensor) of your choice: FLIR Vue Pro, Canon S110, Sony NEX-5 and a6000, and Sequoia. Tuffwing also makes custom camera mounts for all the previously mentioned cameras and camera trigger cables for the Sony and Canon cameras.

Great Technical Support.
For anyone new to the UAV industry, the steps one goes through from purchasing to actually flying a UAV and collecting data can seem daunting. Tuffwing helps customers every step of the way. Your company can make arrangements to have one-on-one flight instruction with Brian Christal, the founder of Tuffwing. Tuffwing also resells Pix4D license’s and has had a great working relationship with Pix4D for several years.

Tuffwing UAV Mapper is capable of precision within 5 cm when using Emlid’s REACH RTK. You no longer need ground control points or expensive surveying equipment to obtain accurate aerial location data.

Tuffwing has satisfied customers all over the world who specialize in mining, surveying, precision agriculture, oil exploration, and the educational industries. Tuffwing values and supports their customers, no matter where they call home.

Durable and Transportable.
They are called Tuffwing for a reason. The UAV Mapper is made with high-quality EPP foam and the wings are reinforced with carbon fiber spars. The body is wrapped in coroplast to protect the foam surface while landing. Mars Parachutes are installed on UAV Mappers for added safety measures if an emergency landing is called for. A bulky launching device is not necessary with a Tuffwing UAV Mapper and the wings can easily be detached from the body for easy transport (and fast reassembly).

Go to for white papers, pricing, and current inventory. The Tuffwing shop is always in “innovation mode”, so new products are constantly being added. Tuffwing’s aim is to help your company get your work done!



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